Demo 2017

by Engage

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Youth Crew from Perth


released April 18, 2017

Vocals - Alex
Guitar - Declan
Bass - Cadeyrn
Drums - Brayden

Special Thanks to: Joel Padley, James Nester, Ace Della, Sean Padley, Liam Warn, Jared Crowe, Kyle Biggins, Vision Rehearsal Studios & Fifa 17

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Alan Smith of BEGERK! Studios

Logo by Thomas Sweetman

Design by Brayden Price



all rights reserved


No Surrender Records Perth, Australia

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Track Name: Never Enough
No matter how hard that I fucking try
I can't seem to win, I can't satisfy
Always the same faces who sneer and they pry
Just want to be left to live my own life
It must feel good to climb so high
Can't you see how hard I am trying?
Keep your opinions, I'm sick of your whining
The choices I make are mine to decide

This life is mine and these choices are mine to decide
Track Name: Break Free
This place I've grown, this world I know
Where growing up, means growing old
We wait for time to take its toll
I no longer call this place my home
Time won't wait for me to change
Wont wait for me to find my way
Now forced to stand on my own
I'll find my own path, or so I'm told

How do these people live this way, always feeding from the bottom
Criticise each choice I make, our differences are not my problem
Ever stuck in the same place, that's not the life I want to lead
From the shackles of fear of failing, I'll find the strength to break free
Track Name: Discrepancies
Never cared to hear, what I have to say
For so long you kept, my mind in a cage
I followed your path, you led me astray
Your attitude, I can't relate

Refuse to accept the change that made
Condemned for not wanting to live the same way
The world you know, I see a different way
You and I are not the same
Track Name: Without A Cause
How can you stand for nothing at all
The fence that you walk, is bound to fall
The weakest of minds have no conviction
to stand in this world without opinions is a coward’s part.

No point in living without a cause
Open your mind , express your thoughts
Hold your ground, use your voice
Take a stand, make a choice
Track Name: Survive
Never thought to wonder why
We never get the most from life
Tried my best to make a difference
I scream for change but no one listens
Running out of time, running out time
Waiting to be led by a guiding light
Lines start to blur between wrong and right
Doubting myself, clouded line of sight
Courage is more than the will to fight
But the will to fall & the will to try.
Track Name: Engage
United we once stood
The bonds that we made could never be severed
Foundations have cracked
Can we find the strength to put it back together
Bear the weight, accept the blame
Look at ourselves and make a change
Swallow our pride and make amends
Stick together until the end

Egos aside, look past ourselves
An open heart, willing to help
Take a chance, set things straight
Try to understand, try to engage